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Apr 19, 2010

School Decision

Before I could reach the US, I wanted to complete all admission formalities and enroll Rish in his previous montessori. Nish I was still undecided. Thankfully, R's busy schedule and this getting lost amongst all the other happenings around us, I found a much better choice.
Once I came back, after a week's jetlag was seriously looking for some art and piano classes for Rish. Then I found a school which had a 4 hour schedule with 1 hr art, 1 hr music, 1 hr dance and 1 hr theater. How cool that is ? I know he will catch up on his acad. anytime and very fast, so was really happy. The next question was Nish. Luckily I found a church school on the way back from the arts school and it seemed a very friendly atmosphere. It is cheaper than the montessori, has a great social atmosphere, I get daily reports of what he did and I get to pick him for lunch..So in all, I am paying only for what I want. I have the option of picking him at 2:30 but since I pick Rish by 12:45, I do not want to deprive Nish of the piping hot fresh food ;-)
Till the morning they had to join school, I was contemplating sending them to the old montessori as I will get 3 days of 8:30 - 3 p.m for myself..There are a lot of pending tasks that i need to get to ! But my heart ruled my head and I went by that.
But the only catch is both will be home for nap and I need that break very badly to recharge for the evening....Trying to train them to sleep by themselves but it is very hard and hoping I do not regret the school decision for this reason !!!
Anyway, I am a happy mom when I pick them at noon, both because of the choice of schools and also the fresh food awaiting us at home :-)


  1. First time here..
    These decisions are tough, aren't they. Good you are happy with what you've chosen - end of day, that matters a lot...

  2. Uma,
    Welcome ! I read your blog pretty often and I love the nickname you have for your daughter :-)
    When he have a choice in decisions it becomes harder !