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May 29, 2010

Not mall anymore

Nish gets very offended if we say he cannot do something because he is a small boy.Keeps telling "I am not mall big boy" But very conveniently uses the small boy card for everything he wont do like sleeping by himself or cleaning up !!!!

Whenever I scream at Rish he tells me " Don't shout ! Then Daddy will not put news for you. We will not take you to the park. you will be alone at home " ;-) Too much of copying us.

These days his favorite lines are "I CANT DO IT" "I DONT WANT IT" when he is angry and he says that in a very angry and deliberate tone. This is often accompanied by running away from the scene and a sulking face and chin touching his chest and head bent. Sometimes it is him on his knees and head on the floor. It is very very cute to watch but sometimes gets on your nerves ! 2 1/2 years and where did you get this attitude from ???!!!

He also dances in joy these days and since his actions are totally in sync with what he is feeling inside it makes it very sweet.

He also has loads of empathy. Even if I scold Rish for being mean to him and Rish is upset he very sweetly tries to cheer Rish up. And wants Rish to experience the joy he is enjoying with any toy / game whatever.

Today after a long time his I could see his sweetness than his stubbornness and I felt still he is at his cutest best. Slowly memories of his baby days are fading :-(
He is also very very clear in what he wants of himself and others and has the same clarity in expressing it and getting it done. And now also does quite a few things independently - potty (except for cleaning part we need to go) - wearing his underpants and shorts.


Rish on the other hand seems to be more childish and silly than what he was :-(
But he is in many ways easier to handle than nish especially that he lacks all the stubbornness of his brother.

I feel sometimes he is better behaved when we are not around. The other day I was taking a shower and asked Rish to dress himself and Nish and when I came out, both were dressed - ready to go :-)) Also sometimes I see him telling Nish not to do some wrong stuff and consoling him when he is upset. But when I am around I see the totally opposite reaction. Not sure if a 4.5 yr old has ways of getting back at their parents at such a tender age ;-) But his ego is at an all time high. He hates being suppressed and screamed at but I wish he equally resents doing these acts that lead us to act that way with him.

He is still a pleasure to teach. Just taught him maybe 30 minutes of time reading and now he can tell the time pretty well(except for when the minute hand is in between 2 numbers).

I am hoping for some magic when they turn 3 and 5 with regards to their behavior. Both are extremely bright kids but high on energy and disciplining them seems to be a challenge..They are such riots ! I saw a real change in Rish after his 3rd and I have heard 5 is also a magical number when kids change significantly and with their birthdays just a few months away, this is the only wish I have apart from an overdose of good health :-)