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Sep 12, 2011

Nish quips again...

Nish has me in splits with his quick responses....

Me to Nish: Look how much you are coughing..I have told you so many times not to drink cold water, play with ice etc.
Nish: Mommy, you just told the same thing 5 minutes back when you were giving me a bath..


Me scolding Nish: why did you eat Rishu's cake too ? Look how nicely he still behaves without throwing a tantrum.
Nish : I thought he was bad. Only now I know he is a good brother !!!


Nish asking me some scenes from a movie which I don't want to elaborate.
Me: I don't know
Nish: That's ok. you can tell whatever answer you like !!

Me to Nish: when I was a lil girl, my lil bro used to bother me a lot and I used to run away but never fight back
Nish: what did he do? hit, hurt ??
Me: No(sparing him the real details)..Just chased me around..
Nish: Why ?
Me:Cos he was li'l and just 2 or 3 (careful not to mention the ages of my boys')
Nish: But he was such a baby and dint know what he was doing and you were the big sister and why did you run away ??!!

(All the moral I try to give gets eaten by logic and reasoning..)

Nish: Are the dishes clean ?
me: yes, I washed them yest noon..
Nish; then why are they not yet emptied ??!!