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Sep 1, 2008

Mr. Reader

Once I knew that rishu was good at spellings, there was a phonetic toy that was lying at home. I got Rishu hooked to that and the good thing about him is once he picks something of interest, he never leaves until he has mastered it :-)
So once he comes back from school, he would keep pressing and playing and mastered the phonetic sounds of all alphabets. And every night before he slept he would insist on me reading a book and he would then read again. It was sometimes painful as he would read slowly and mostly from memory and I would have to sit through.
Then I started making him point to the words and read and would make him read a sentence by himself with understanding knowledge of the letters and sounds. I used to do this on days when I had enough strength left at the end of the day. And I can only remember that. How or when he mastered the art of reading is always a mystery. Very soon we saw him reading anything and everything pretty well and his pronunciation was very close if not accurate. By that time he came to be known as a whiz kid, genius etc in school as they were astounded by his spelling and reading skills. In fact many parents when they came over to pick their kids would ask him for a spelling or two and he would read their badges etc or keep reading the corridor bulletin boards.
We are also very thrilled but just as he was extremely good at these , he was still a lot socially shy and unaware of what was expected of him, quite different and unique in his own way :-) Luckily he was promoted to the pre-K class and the teacher was an angel. She had a very special interest in him and though she was amazed by his intelligence in some aspects she was also concerned in areas that we were. She went an extra mile in creating specific activities tailored to him and focused on him being aware of things happening around him, listening to instructions etc. she also used to give me some tips to be followed at home. Whether it was that or the signs of growing he is a lot changed now and fits in easily in the daily routine socializing more than before. Thankfully Nish is a big time communicator and he showed signs of it from 18 months...So we knew it was only a matter of time by which rish would soon start yapping :-)
Also we packed up all the books and that made a big change in his communicating skill. Before we did that he would come back from school and keep reading even for 2-3 hours all his favorite books and all he did was just that..While I was still having a hard time depriving him of such a good habit, R promptly packed it all up and made it easier for all of us. We expected a big tantrum for him but he never asked even a single q !!! I wonder if he did not know what to ask ;-) But that was a very good beginning for him to explore the other areas.