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Sep 12, 2011

Nish quips again...

Nish has me in splits with his quick responses....

Me to Nish: Look how much you are coughing..I have told you so many times not to drink cold water, play with ice etc.
Nish: Mommy, you just told the same thing 5 minutes back when you were giving me a bath..


Me scolding Nish: why did you eat Rishu's cake too ? Look how nicely he still behaves without throwing a tantrum.
Nish : I thought he was bad. Only now I know he is a good brother !!!


Nish asking me some scenes from a movie which I don't want to elaborate.
Me: I don't know
Nish: That's ok. you can tell whatever answer you like !!

Me to Nish: when I was a lil girl, my lil bro used to bother me a lot and I used to run away but never fight back
Nish: what did he do? hit, hurt ??
Me: No(sparing him the real details)..Just chased me around..
Nish: Why ?
Me:Cos he was li'l and just 2 or 3 (careful not to mention the ages of my boys')
Nish: But he was such a baby and dint know what he was doing and you were the big sister and why did you run away ??!!

(All the moral I try to give gets eaten by logic and reasoning..)

Nish: Are the dishes clean ?
me: yes, I washed them yest noon..
Nish; then why are they not yet emptied ??!!

Apr 11, 2011

Nish quips !!!

I have been very lazy in updating my blog thanks to FB !! and as usual I muddle my brain as the more storage needed for my data, the more servers and hence more offices and less greener pastures(I know, crazy thinking, but that's me)

Anyway some quips / remarks / retorts from Nish that I need to record.

Rish still is very mischievous while Nish is more responsible and reliable. He is like a little adult whom I can entrust responsibilities beyond his age while our Rish is the don't-care master. whatever u say will vanish into thin air if he notices the ipod/iphone /cellphone and he is more interested in charging them. Nish on the other hand, can execute 3-4 step instructions and come back and update me :)

The other day I poured his cereal into his bowl and I was adding milk. he quietly came and closed the cereal container and kept it back in the pantry. Some days he would reach for the soy milk while I pour the cereal. Know exactly what next. very focused ! He can pack his set of spare clothes, lotion, soap and under garments if I ask him to get ready for his swim class.. A very no effort kid except for some attitude which he shows at times. very endearing kid !

Cares a lot and expects the same. Both of them woke this morn and did not want to go to school. So I said I will go and they can stay home, cook, do the laundry etc etc. Nish said they would play while rish said he would cook potato subzi. Nish immediately said "Rish, u will cut your fingers while cutting the potatoes." Thinks really far ahead. But this said, he will also punch, bite rishu's shirt and really hit him in momentary emotional surges.

The other day there was some rasam left and I was drinking it. "Mummy, if you drink all the rasam what will daddy have for his lunch ??" and then this morn I was imitating the way he used his hands so articulately when he needs to express anything. He got angry and said " Mom, stop ! concentrate on your work !" Seriously this kid is hard to get angry with.

Very very emotional. gets angry at the snap of a finger and cools down. But as he grows I need to work on this. It is always good to be emotionally stable and no matter how true your words are or how much you care - the world is mostly incapable of analyzing. Even if you are the worst person on earth and maintain your silence, the world will exalt you in most cases. And for an emotional person, it is very hard if they are genuine but still are not valued for WIP for me and him ;-)

when I had taken the kids to the doc the other day, someone asked him how old he is and he says " I am 3 but i act like a grown-up !!! My brother is 5 but he acts like a 1 yr old !!" So now I need to really watch what I talk.

A very good listener and very patient...tries really hard to swim, color etc .
takes himself and his works seriously...

It is really very cute to watch him getting angry as he points his finger and rattles of stuff that does not make sense ;-) But he has an attitude and that is also from me . But of course as I grew, I changed ! I think girls in general soften as they age and a lot more after marriage and kids. But I would like for him to change by the time he is 10. so another WIP.

The one thing he gets from his dad is the meticulousness. Does not mean the dad has not passed on any unwanted traits ;) Rish is more like his dad in many ways.
But mostly nothing affects/ effects the people around unless you are emotionally tangled :-D

Mar 9, 2011

Life !!

Dear Rish,Nish,
whenever I see a youngster buying cigarettes or smoking, it stabs my heart.
It makes me fear about your teens and the vices that you will succumb to :(
I used to be very strongly opinionated as a youngster and my dislike for smoking and drinking was/is one of them. I (used to) feel that it is a sign of weakness or a false sense of ego just to boost your image in front of others whereas really standing for a good social cause than these pursuits mark more to your character is my opinion. I had a good set of male friends who used to smoke and I used to tease them not to drink water from my bottle etc etc . There were a set of really nice guys with whom their habits were a barrier. I hurt some with my frankness but only with the hope that they will quit these habits for their own benefit. As I grew older I realized with stronger opinions/dislikes sometimes you are thrust into them. So, now I am scared to condemn people with these habits for fear that my own darlings will fall prey to them.
I know that even after 3 months of bed rest and having been under a knife to get you both safe and healthy to this world, I do not even have an iota of right to force you on the way to live once you are on your own. But remember , all vices are a vice only till u try. Once u try, it is hard to accept it as a vice. and it is harder to come out of it than not trying it. I have not been an angel and I have had my share of shortcomings too but once you become a parent the tinge of sadness that hits you on every bad possibility that your child may encounter you start wishing that you had been more perfect so that u can merit asking the same for your children.

Jan 6, 2011

All grown up !! @3.25 yrs

I was telling Nish that I am feeling cold.

His response "If you wear half-sleeves in winter, you will feel cold. That is why yesterday I asked you to wear a full-sleeve(this line he made up ;-))

Me "Nish, get ready - we are going to the gym"
Nish:"OK, can you come to the dryer and get my jeans out " with a very serious expression

Coming to me he asks"how is your finger now?" Last night, I had to complete my kitchen work and I told him I hurt my finger and hence cannot brush his teeth and his dad would. I was touched when he remembered it in the morn. despite no visible marks to remind him. He gave the me the exact moment when I told him I hurt myself..

He is really grown up !!! I am amazed at the way he can switch himself from this mature kid to acting like a baby many times because both of us enjoy those moments and I keep on telling him never to grow up ;-)