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Jan 6, 2011

All grown up !! @3.25 yrs

I was telling Nish that I am feeling cold.

His response "If you wear half-sleeves in winter, you will feel cold. That is why yesterday I asked you to wear a full-sleeve(this line he made up ;-))

Me "Nish, get ready - we are going to the gym"
Nish:"OK, can you come to the dryer and get my jeans out " with a very serious expression

Coming to me he asks"how is your finger now?" Last night, I had to complete my kitchen work and I told him I hurt my finger and hence cannot brush his teeth and his dad would. I was touched when he remembered it in the morn. despite no visible marks to remind him. He gave the me the exact moment when I told him I hurt myself..

He is really grown up !!! I am amazed at the way he can switch himself from this mature kid to acting like a baby many times because both of us enjoy those moments and I keep on telling him never to grow up ;-)

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