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Oct 25, 2010

Rock-a-bye baby !

When Rish just turned 3 years old he had a bed-time book which had a song as follows :
"Rock a bye baby mummy's sweetheart
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
when the dawn breaks may light from above
Shine down upon baby cradled in love"

Every night he would ask me to sing this song and then make me sing it again substituting Rishab for baby and the third time singing it the original way but changing all the R's to L's and the fourth time changing the R's to Ls and baby to Rishab :) It used to amaze me how sharp he was to notice even if we missed a single conversion.

And now after 2 years, he suddenly wants me to sing a lullaby for him but of course does not want any variations to it. But he wants to be the one to sing a lullaby for Nish !!! He plays my role to Nish, asking him to lie down and putting the blanket for him and then singing the lullaby - some big brother moments :-)

And at that same age, he used to ask me to tell(recite being the precise word) his favorite story then "Jack and the Beanstalk". Slowly I refused to say this as he remembered the story word to word, and would keep correcting me line to line of that 10 page book with at least 50 lines. He would not allow me to proceed unless I corrected my mistakes making the whole story telling a 30 minute effort !

And now his current favorite is "Rapunzel" . And has again started correcting me here and there but only in the places where he feels significant ! Thank God for that !

Tonight brought me back all these memories and I realized I need to record them...

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