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Sep 22, 2005

Dramatic Arrival of my parents and Rishab

My parents arrived on September 21st, 2005 for Rishab's delivery.
If not for a few lucky stars, they would have been delayed.
In Frankfurt airport, they were guided to some gate and they being first
time international travelers were happily waiting at that gate.
Luckily my mom heard the last call for them from some other gate
and nudged my dad to check it out. It was only then they
realized that the gates had been changed..Thankfully they made it just in time
without their luggage though. I was super excited in having them.
I was totally looking forward for some good food and rest.
We picked them up by 3 p.m and completed my check-ups and came home by 7 p.m
I showed mom around the kitchen and made her cook my favorite food that evening itself. Relished it and eagerly opened all the murukkus and snacks that they had bought. And then when tiredness overtook the excitement, we all went to sleep.
I just dozed and after a few hours I could not sleep. My stomach started hurting.
It was bearable when I sat but when I lied down it started paining. And after sometime even sitting did not help. I called the doctor and was advised to come to the hospital. We drove early in the morning, left a note for my jet-lagged parents.
My poor parents were waiting in their room for dawn as they did not want to disturb us.(Had we known we would have informed them before rushing out) and finally they came out only to see the empty house and the note. We had a hearty laugh later on when they could not trace the milk as they were looking for sachets like back home and had soy milk coffee !!!
While we were driving, the intensity of pain started increasing and I was convinced I was in labor. And then it was a long wait and Rishab finally decided to make his appearance around 3 p.m by making the doctors split open his mommy for an emergency c-section !
It was a lot of confusion and panic for Ravi with multiple things happening at the same time. I was in a lot of pain ! and my parents had no time for jet-lag due to the sudden turn of events ! But in all mummy was really happy that her grand-son put her to use from day one :-)And I was happy they did not miss their flight :-)

Aug 26, 2005

Bed Rest before Rishu - June -Aug,2005

I was on bed-rest from 22nd to 35th week in the hospital and was only too glad to be home after that. It was totally unexpected. And we did not even tell our parents as we did not want them to worry unnecessarily.

I cannot even imagine how i managed to maintain my sanity. I truly missed people to talk. The nurses were good but busy and all my friends were busy in their own routine. But we were blessed with a lot of good food from friends. Ravi managed to cook whatever I felt like eating and would even run out to buy idlis for me for breakfast from an Indian lady near the hospital.

Luckily near the hospital there was shop that sold Indian subzis and I would call her in the morn and she would cook some fresh sabzis. It was a blessing that R's office was very close to the hospital. So on a lunch break he was able to collect the food and come and have lunch with me in the hospital. I would so look forward to his coming as sometimes he would go home previous night and come back only that afternoon and i would not have had anyone to talk to. A few nights is okay but even for the most reserved person it is not very easily sustainable. But the hospital was very convenient,Ravi was very caring - there is nothing that I should really crib about.

I used to pray a lot that I should have a full-term baby and I did !
some days I used to feel the day dragging and I used to cross the daily calendar - 4 times with one-quarter of a cross for every 6 hours that went by. And after 35 weeks was too happy to be back home and back in action !