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Mar 9, 2011

Life !!

Dear Rish,Nish,
whenever I see a youngster buying cigarettes or smoking, it stabs my heart.
It makes me fear about your teens and the vices that you will succumb to :(
I used to be very strongly opinionated as a youngster and my dislike for smoking and drinking was/is one of them. I (used to) feel that it is a sign of weakness or a false sense of ego just to boost your image in front of others whereas really standing for a good social cause than these pursuits mark more to your character is my opinion. I had a good set of male friends who used to smoke and I used to tease them not to drink water from my bottle etc etc . There were a set of really nice guys with whom their habits were a barrier. I hurt some with my frankness but only with the hope that they will quit these habits for their own benefit. As I grew older I realized with stronger opinions/dislikes sometimes you are thrust into them. So, now I am scared to condemn people with these habits for fear that my own darlings will fall prey to them.
I know that even after 3 months of bed rest and having been under a knife to get you both safe and healthy to this world, I do not even have an iota of right to force you on the way to live once you are on your own. But remember , all vices are a vice only till u try. Once u try, it is hard to accept it as a vice. and it is harder to come out of it than not trying it. I have not been an angel and I have had my share of shortcomings too but once you become a parent the tinge of sadness that hits you on every bad possibility that your child may encounter you start wishing that you had been more perfect so that u can merit asking the same for your children.