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Sep 10, 2007

Mishy Mishy arrives ! Sep 10,2007

My second delivery was a scheduled one ! My parents arrived well on time and Rishu took very nicely to thatha - after-all he was his companion from morn to night ;-)
I went to the hospital with a very unsettled mind and the whole process went pretty faster and easier than I expected. The epidural was the worst part, the rest was a piece of cake :) There were 2 things we did not expect - a boy(we expected a girl)and such a light baby(he was just 4 lbs). (A small digression - So the name-picking was waiting till the last minute as it happened with Rishab. Atleast for Rish, we were kind of expecting a boy and just had 2 names that we were debating over majorly. But this time we had just short-listed girl names. I had the easy part of lying down and rejecting names while Ravi was scooping out newer names. The second he mentioned Nishad both of us knew this IS the name :-))
Amma was a big support. She would be ready before 9 a.m with all cooking done and the kitchen spotless and come over to the hospital. I tried to catch up on as much sleep as possible. I would just take Nishad for his feeding and rest of the time I was content in him being in the nursery. Feeding him was a herculean task and I never realised that simple things could be so complicated. I cribbed so much that my mom and Ravi just wanted me to take the easier route and put and end to the agony that I was putting everyone through.(But after 3 months I was glad I persisted but I learnt a lesson - NEVER CRIB !! I realised that though I am persistent in some cases the cribbing causes people to think I am confused while all the time I am very clear but just vent out a tad too much ;-))
We were excited to bring Nish home ! I was surprised to see the decorations done. It was easy for appa as they just were re-used from Rishab's. And even more super-exciting was when Rish called him Mishy Mishy. I guess that name will be stay for a long time to come :-)