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Apr 2, 2010

India Trip and the aftermath

okay, I was so bragging abt. my second born being such a sweet kid and first born testing my patience at times ! Now it is total role reversal..Nish has become a total brat and a real rowdy but still knows how to smile and coo and make people forget what he did for a moment.

some interesting conversations:

After stuffing a mouthful of cranberries at my place, Nish threw up whatever he ate. Again demanded some cranberries and I said it made him vomit.
Nish : "Not canberries, mummy, mammu sollu mammu." (It is not the cranberries, but the food, repeat, food !"

I was upset with Rish for hurting Nish and in all seriousness said
"Rish, you should not hurt Nish. He is your brother."
Rish : "No, he is not ! He is my brother-in-law !!!"

Middle of the night Nish wails
"Mummy, I need you" I run from the other room and lie down next to him. Squeeze myself in the 1/2 feet gap, straining my neck and keep an inch of my head on the pillow. "It is my pillow.
It is my blankie. Mummy nee po".
The second I am at the door, wails, "Mummy , you are leaving me ! I need you"
And I go back to get back some more pinches, kicks and slaps..I wonder how he turned into such a monster !!

When we came from hyderabad to chennai, the kids were giving me such a hard time. Despite my parents presence, it was so hard to feed them, put them to sleep etc. Many I knew were worried how I would manage the trip across the globe with both and promptly called home to check if/how I survived ;-)
They were such dolls and Rish would sleep within 2 minutes of patting him and I would sleep in the process and Nish would follow suit. On our way to India they would keep grabbing our juices, not allowing us to eat and food was such a tension. I was coming up with all algorithms on how to eat and make them eat peacefully. Well, all 3 of us or both of them were able to eat at the same time without a murmur ! Rish used to thank me when I opened his pasta and slowly ate by himself till he came to the end and then finished off his juice !!! "

My kids truly amaze me and keep my crazy life sane !


  1. I can understand. My daughter was here in December/January and I had my doubts as to whether she and the kids would reach Seattle in one oiece. Brats that these kids are give their mothers a tough time when they feel that she is not paying enough attention to them. Watching them from my place is fun but they do drive their parents nuts!

  2. oh yeah, HG..They would pull my hair and my face and turn me towards them if they did not feel I was giving attention to them. My mom would tell many times "I am going to send her away for 2 days so that she can have some peace without you both tearing at her !! " :-))
    But surprisingly back here they are more manageable indoors than what they were there probably because of the familiar environment and also being together with their dad and a lot of toys to be engaged.