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Apr 12, 2010


Dearest Rish,
It so breaks my heart to ask you to sleep alone while I pamper Nish and make him sleep with me..The brat that he is, he will cry and make us all tear our head. The soft boy that you are (only at such moments) get threatened and oblige. When you ask me with such feeling "Why should I sleep by myself ?? " I have no answers. I am waiting for Nish to turn 3 so that I can make him do the same. It is more painful for me than it is for you. Maybe you will not even care about it a few years later or forget totally about it but just in case you feel being a first-born you have to go through it -
Nish is having years of hand me downs from you just cos he is a second-born :-D

Both of you are on my balance and for every act I feel I am siding with one of you I make sure there is some balance to it ;-))

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