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Dec 1, 2009

Ni hao, kich me on my cheeks

I had blistered my hands very badly during thanksgiving. But went about my usual stuff since I did not feel any pain - bathing kids, doing dishes, cooking etc. And my over-smartness paid
when nish rubbed a finger to expose it very badly. Had to rush to the doc. and have been asked not to touch water much for a week !! Had I done this much before atleast my fingers will not be so badly scarred. The doc. said it may take a year for it to reach original color and it just may :-((
Reminded of a friend who always used to admire my fingers :-D He was already hooked, so he was in no way flirting and really meant it :-D and whenever I paint my nails, I think of the days when my hands were so rested not doing all these chores, so soft and beautiful. Now the wrinkled skin has totally erased such traces...
today i kissed mish mish on his tummy. The little mister asks me to not to kiss his tummy and I ask why. "becach u chud kich my cheeks". and I asked him if i can eat him. same previous reply :-)
kids and their innocence.
today also was the first day when rishu read a book for nish ! could not believe they were calmly sitting next to each other for 5 mins and doing something useful. hoping for many such moments. when rish saw a garlic in the book, he said shallots. I thought it was written on the book but he said he saw that word in the grocery shop ! This boy loves his words. He has picked up quite a few chinese words from "Ni Hao, kai Lan !" - It seems to be his favorite cartoon as of now probably because he enjoys the bi-lingual nature of the program! I was also teasing nish that anna started reading books by himself even before he turned 3 and whether he would follow suit ;-)
a happy ending to the day despite being stuck with band-aids and wrinkly skin !!

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