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Nov 21, 2009


The baby is slowly getting to be a little boy.

Today rishu was looking at tofu and in general talking about oreo.
Nish looks at him and says "Silly boy, this is not oreo !!!!"

Was amazed when he could identify the alphabet shown on his laptop
and press the corresponding key from the keyboard. If he continues at the same pace,
he will pretty soon be familiar with all the uppercase letters :-)

Just noticed today that he has stopped telling "ni aons" and progressed to tell cayons
for crayons. I will miss the baby talk. and also many such words I still pronounce the way he used to a few days back. Now, the little boy corrects me and asks me to pronounce it right !!!

Whenever I act like crying, his face turns totally worried and he says "Mummy should not cry"
and does whatever I ask him to do. When I see his pained face, I am troubled and touched and immediately smile :-)

whenever I am alone with Nish, I kiss him so much and feel like I love him the most and whenever I am alone with Rish, I kiss Rish a lot and feel I love him the most :-)
Kids and how they entwine you !!

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