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Nov 20, 2009

cucumber idlis and avocado dosas aInd a peaceful night

I have heard a few mothers complain about their kids not eating their veggies.
I have the totally opposite situation. of course I am very happy that my son loves hos veggies
but the problem is even for veggies free dishes like idli and dosas he needs some veggies.
Need to get him to the stage where he can relish it with chutneys ;-)
so avocados and cucumbers are a great help. I just chop them into small chunks and that becomes his veggie side. Happy child and happy mom :-)


No matter how frustrated your child makes you feel, no matter how much you scream and be mad at them , end of the day when it comes to putting your kids to sleep there is so much peace and calm in the kisses and hugs exchanged and so much comfort in putting your hands around each other. What a bliss to be a child and be so pure at heart and what an even bigger bliss to have such an experience with your child !!

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