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Nov 1, 2009

Terrible two's and Fearsome four's

The monkey house-hold turns into a totally chaotic and unruly place often initiated by one of the duo. While Rish was mostly the mischievous one since he turned 3, he has been displaced by nish in just a year. God knows if the terrible twos are more powerful than the fearsome fours or if it is just the pitch of mom screaming and threatening that has instilled some fear in Rish.
so anyway, today nish has started throwing objects all around and thereby hitting people and objects with it. And once he does something like that, Rish too starts imitating that. And he has started attacking Rish with all his might, dragging him, pushing him , and biting him so hard and leaving deep teeth marks and a picked skin :-(Rish retaliates mostly much softer but has a lot of such soft attacks on Nish...
Sigh ! Wonder when they will get over this.
The other challenge has been Rish wants to co-sleep with us after 1.5 years of sleeping by himself...Now realize the value of the one year that passed by ;-)
Thankfully an accident on the bed has made him shift back to his room and planning to continue that story even after cleaning it to get him used to his bed..
But all this scheming and planning will take a toss during our India stay and guess it will be a rework again to get the kids used to sleeping by themselves..Sometimes I feel guilty but I do not have the time and energy to lay still until they sleep and it has been proved with them that boredom is the fastest way to fall asleep.
Now for the small things but still exciting for me stuff that they do..Rish has learnt to add using his fingers for single digits . And the 2 year difference helps me read some books for them together throwing questions of different levels to them. I showed Rish a pictorial jigsaw puzzle that had one piece missing and was happy when he picked the right one from 3 choices. Good visual perception :-)
These days he reaches out to even new people and strikes some conversation with them :-))
The favorite game at home these days is role play. Rish has labelled us some characters from caillou and i am surprised that nish comprehends the whole thing and calls us by that name too..Sometimes for lack of a character or need for one, the labeling changes and Rish can perfectly maintain the new names !!!

Nish is communicating a lot in English now and though I am not in too much favor of it, he speaks very sweetly and brings a smile to our faces :-)

"a thithu-kku venama" (Does Rishu not want it) is one of my fav. lines from what he talks as he tries to talk very sweetly and also attempts to anglicize it.
thickatheet (trick or treat)
bech u (bless u)

Is it the baby language or his sweet voice becoming even more coy at times
or just the mother's reaction, I don't know - But I find it very sweet and a reason to smile each time.

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