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Oct 23, 2009

Questions, Answers and Interpretations

Do you want apple or orange ? - Orange
Do you want orange or apple? - apple

Do you want toys or lego - lego
Do you want lego or toys - toys

Me and Rish laugh when nish answers like this. of course, rish is the one who has max. fun wording these questions. when rishu was close to 2.5 I used to concerned that he is not able to interpret these qs. Poor first-borns and the expectations we have from them ;-)

But slowly nish is getting there where he answers 1 or 2 qs right and though I am happy he is learning everything right he does, i feel he is becoming a bigger boy. In contrast to when I wanted Rishab to learn everything right and proper !!

Rish is in that stage where he acts as the monkey boss and teaches nish to do all naughty things such as dropping the toilet rolls in the commode, put washed vessels in the sink , trash good stuff since he knows he will be punished if he does the act.

And Nish is the perfect "adi aal"(henchman) totally following the instructions.
He is a total sweet-heart and listens to most instructions given by his parents. So I guess in order to create a balance his anna is there teaching him all these things.

Nish is in that totally cute and cuddly stage. It is amazing the way I see him connect to people and slowly I would have to share him with the world outside. Sigh !

Today I was just bored and in no mood for anything and was just surfing. It just took some silly banter and a hug and kiss from Nish and here I am happily recording my memories :-)

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  1. Beautiful Deepa! All these cute events by our kids keep us going energetic for the rest of our life. Kids are amazing! keep writing.