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Jul 7, 2007

Rish at 6 months+, 1 year+

Rish was a very easy baby to handle and very predictable. After a few days of returning from the hospital, he established his routine. His morning feeds were very less and evening to night he would almost have the double amount of milk he had in the entire day ! He was very cheerful in the day time and 10 to 12 in the night was his crying time. The second he started crying you could say that it was 10 p.m and the second he stopped crying you could be sure that it was close to midnight :-) Since it was so regular we were not too troubled by it.
But close to 4 months, all this stopped and he started sleeping from 11 to 5 a.m :-)
Joining back work with him was very easy and hardly like having a new born. I did not really know what to talk to him and I used to smiling when I see my mom talking to him as if he could understand everything :-) He also started his cereal and he liked it a lot compared to his milk..Solids was easy for him and he did not have as much liking for his milk.
As Rish became close to 6 months, my parents had to leave. We had a week in between my ILs arriving. At that time Rish was very moody and I could sense he was upset and missing my parents. I was surprised to see this display of feeling from him.
But once my ILs arrived, they had a 1 week transition with R who stayed home and familiarised them with the formula, sterilizing and diaper changing routine. I was fortunate that my MIL took excellent care of him . And I was happy with work, some gym visits and taking over the kitchen and house work once I came back from work and some weekend cooking. It was also summer and we went around quite a bit and Rish was also bigger now. It was also the time when we taught him many words and rhymes and though he could not repeat the whole thing he was always ready with the ending words and some one word answers. He brought a lot of joy to my ILs since he was the first grand-child they have spent considerable time with and probably the reason why he is very special in their hearts. The only downside was close to 9 months , R for lack of time or drive,could not raise the crib and he started co-sleeping with me. Anyway, it was fine with me as I would sing to him all the songs I knew and I would doze off and in the middle of the night would pull him closer to me from whichever corner he was. It filled my heart in a strange way and I guess this is how kids slowly climb to the number one spot of your heart !(And we lived,er, happily slept like that till I went to deliver my second baby)
And close to a year, we found a nice home based daycare that had only 2 kids including him , a very clean house and that was all I wanted for him - a protected environment, free of any infection even if he did not learn much. And thus our life continued.
Close to a 15 months, Rish could tell all the feminine genders for about a dozen words and also the singular-plural for quite a few words. While the expectation for his age was around 15 words I guess, he already had close to 40 words that he knew. But he knew the words more by memory than by meaning and guess used only 4-5 words in context.
One thing that amazed me was when he was around 18 months, I was teaching him the alphabets and when M would come, he would sing 'ambasuda' a song from 'lambodara....'
a carnatic song which was one of his bed-time lullabies. Probably his phonetic sense was taking place right then ;-)

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