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Sep 10, 2009

Mishy Mishy turns two !

Dearest Mish Mish,
Today I have been flooded with thoughts about how you have grown. From being an extremely under-weight baby to a cherubic toddler you have indeed changed. You have your own personality now and are a real charmer. You have your way with people and can just tug their hearts with your mischievous smile and cute display of your feelings :-)
You are all that we missed in your anna. It fills my heart to see how well you both make a complete package. He being the nerdy, methodical, reserved, geeky types and you being the total boisterous rowdy. We just enjoy the difference and hope you rub off a bit on each other. It just seems like yesterday when we celebrated your first birthday.
It was just at that time you showed you had a mind of your own. You wanted the spoon initially and close to 15 months you wanted to eat by yourself since anna did that. You picked the habit of having a book in your hand just because he read a lot. Initially though you pretended, it is heartening to know that you too have an interest in books. And then slowly you have learnt many good things from him. Just cannot wait for you to be potty-trained :-D
While he is the eternal thinker and dreamer, you are very aware of your surroundings. I cannot forget the astonishment when you used to help me empty the dishwasher close to 18 mths - a habit you picked from anna but what amazed me was, how you knew where all the odd vessels went - like the tea filter and the iron tavas.
And then close to two you wanted to empty the vessels and me to stack them ! My heart used to shudder to see you reach out first for the ceramic and glass vessels but you were always careful for the second or two till I reached you and took it from your hands. Another incident that surprised me was how you noticed that after finishing my horlicks, I used to reach for the remnants in the cup and lick them ;-)
I burst out laughing when I found out that one day, you emptied your water from the cup and did the same ! And today when I made my horlicks by adding milk and sugar and the powder you reached out for the spoon and gave it to me :-)
As a mark of your second birthday, you have learnt to tell your name and refer yourself by your name - michy michy.
While we sang "Happy Birthday Mishy Mishy" you were happy to sing it out for all the friends whose parties you attended. At the end of the day when me made you cut the cake, I guess you understood that it was your occasion. And you have been the happy receiver of many phone calls, basking in the attention you received.
I hope you stay as expressive like this - from screaming/singing happily when we get your favorite food, to dancing when you are happy, running for that hug and kiss just to feel good, making others notice you and reveling in that and doing something mischievous and laughing heartily - I wish they can be scenes I can watch forever !
You and anna are now like wild cats and sometimes I get confused if I am rearing a zoo or a terrorist organization the way you two mercilessly attack each other. But from the corner of my heart I really hope that you will compensate for all this by being best buddies and being there for each other when needed.

You guys have made our lives short of energy, time and money but enriched it with so much LIFE !

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  1. Very descriptive ,interesting and touching.Keep writing more!