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Jan 1, 2009

Rish completes 3 years !

I guess 3 was when we saw a lot of transformations in Rishab - from comprehending, to responding to potty training. He was very correct in all his milestones but still we felt he was lagging behind in socializing and communication.
But he was very ahead in his verbal abilities and memory! So we used to be torn between that happy and worried state. And towards the close of his 3rd birthday I decided I would get him home early afternoon since Nish was 1 year old now. That made a big transformation.
Initially Rish used to repeat a lot of phrases from books and would pretty much repeat many conversations too, sometimes it was scary. But our pediatrician and my mom were my rock of support whenever I was worried. My pediatrician said since he was very ahead in certain areas compared to other kids, it was natural for him to lag in certain skills and with time he would catch up with other kids just as they would in his skilled areas and asked me to patiently wait till he was 4. And my mom used to always tell me that nothing could go that bad and perhaps he just was reserved in nature. I used to be pretty positive too but a mother always finds it hard to find flaws in her offsprings. Hubby is a more analyzing type and it was good in a way as I do not think I have that capability atleast with respect to my kids.
So many times I used to console him and be his strength but at times it would get to the peak and then I would be internally disturbed too. I think it was just 2 days when he was 3.25 years that I could not sleep for 2 days as still I was not seeing the changes that I expected to see in him. And after all that worrying, suddenly there his communication and socializing increased by leaps and bounds !!
The secret - we hid all his books. I guess that was occupying all his memory and his thoughts and kind of closed his minds. I also used to religiously do some brain stimulating exercises that any website or person suggested. Whether it was that or the mercy of the Gods, we now have a smart kid atleast comparable with other kids in areas where he was trailing before :-)

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